Marianne Loyd is a Norwegian author. She is also a hobby teddy bear artist making one of a kind teddy bears. Her bears have been featured in magazines Teddy Bear Review, Teddy Bear & Friends, Bears and Buds, Bärreport Teddybär-Magazin, Dubais EXPRESS Gulf News, Kuscheltier News Germany, Russian magazine Pretty Toys and Pro-Hof Magazine Germany. Her signature mark in the teddy bear world is the heart on the belly and the use of beads and sequins, often several hundreds on just one bear. One of her bears is decorated with over 2000 beads and sequins. Marianne is a jury member in a German international teddy bear competition.

She is the author of Thoughts from Old Walls,Teddy Bear Poems straight from the PAW and Che Guevara Quotes. Marianne is listed on the Hugglets 10,000 Bear Makers Project, bear makers of the world – past and present.

Two of her teddy bears “Little Bear Berlin” and “Crystal the Polar Bear” was adpoted by The World Largest Teddy Bear Museum in the world in Germany with its 5000 bears on display.It was a couple called Götz and Florentine C. Bredow who made this unique collection documenting the history of the teddy bears. Founded in 1986, this is the only museum of its kind in the world and is even in the Guinness Book of Records. The museum shows teddies in all shapes and sizes. The oldest exhibits go back to 1900 and there are also Steiff bears worn from 1910.

Her poetry consists of light and dark poems from fairies to social issues,animal rights, ghosts,the paranormal,new age and mysteries. Marianne has studied sociology and juvenile delinquency.

Thoughts from Old Walls is in the Archives of The Poetry Library in London, The Russian State Library in Moscow and The Biblioteca Nacional de la República Argentina (National Library of the Argentine Republic)

 Thoughts from Old Walls – Revised Edition  is a collection of poems through hope, dreams and memories, her poems cover a wide range of emotions but is also a commentary on the human condition. Marianne’s ability to observe the innate characteristics in nature, objects and people enables her to tell the stories that define moments in time that we all can recognize  as somewhere we have at one time been; the sense of awe and wonder that we’ve all been captured by at some state in our lives, the feeling of despair and loss, the places we linger in between with the longing and questioning, or the sense of new found hope and anticipation of the future.


A Compelling, Powerful Read!“ – Geri Ahearn

Marianne Loyd has crafted an eclectic potpourri of feelings and emotions common to humanity, presenting them in such a way as to highlight their true meaning within the overall context of life. By questioning some of our most valued conceptions of the world around us, Loyd’s musings lay the groundwork for original thought and action sure to stir the soul for years to come. ” - Wendy Paulson


Teddy Bear Poems straight from the PAW  

We know that teddy bears have ‘special, magical powers’ and in each of the poems you will hear stories written right from the paw and from the heart. The paperback poem book has 25 pages and eight charming poems. After reading the Teddy Bear Blessing poem all of us will sleep better at night just know what the bears are up to when we are sound sleep.”

 The book is a nice addition to a teddy bear collector’s library.” - Carolyn Carver Bears & Buds Magazine